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Talk about catching someones eye. Summer is a great season for sun sand and surf, but of course a dip in the pool is not a bad idea eit...

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Very interesting take on Ghira. The way he is drawn makes him look very intimidating. The lighting on him is also very well done and ev...


Bayleef by CreepyJellyfish Bayleef :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 182 0 Chikorita by CreepyJellyfish Chikorita :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 512 0 Fennekin by CreepyJellyfish Fennekin :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 666 0 Dewott by CreepyJellyfish Dewott :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 139 0 Pignite by CreepyJellyfish Pignite :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 65 0 Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Meganium :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 229 0 Serperior by CreepyJellyfish Serperior :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 553 0 Mewtwo by CreepyJellyfish Mewtwo :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 535 0 Quilava by CreepyJellyfish Quilava :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 415 0 Croconaw by CreepyJellyfish Croconaw :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 95 0 Tepig by CreepyJellyfish Tepig :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 218 0 Torchic by CreepyJellyfish Torchic :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 367 0 Grovyle by CreepyJellyfish Grovyle :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 174 0 Snivy by CreepyJellyfish Snivy :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 408 0 Servine by CreepyJellyfish Servine :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 209 0 Totodile by CreepyJellyfish Totodile :iconcreepyjellyfish:CreepyJellyfish 230 0


Let's take a trip.  The destination: Easter Island.  Looking out at the expansive sea lie a row of mysterious stone heads.  It is unknown who built them and it is said they they are estimated to be nearly three million years old.  According to my sources, they are all that remain of an ancient civilization known as Seatopia.  It is said that the Seatopians worship a deity that fiercely defends the city and its people.  Turns out that the deity was a monster called: MEGALON!
 Showa Portrait - Megalon by Apocalotaurus

This one holds a special place in my heart as Godzilla vs Megalon was the very first Godzilla film I saw as a kid.  Speaking of the film, Megalon was the main threat and one of the highlights of the film.  He was summoned by the ruler of Seatopia, who had grown angry due to the surface world continuing to test their nuclear arsenal, destroying 1/3 of their country and after three million years of peace, they decided to go to war.  Once Megalon reached the surface, he was guided by Jet Jaguar whom agents of Seatopia had taken control of.  He was then guided to many densely populated areas where he went on a rampage, destroying everything in his path.  Once Jet Jaguar was back under control and sent to find Godzilla, Megalon started to run wild; attacking anything he could find.  After Jet Jaguar returned to the mainland, he grew in size to keep Megalon occupied until Godzilla arrived.  Things were going well until Gigan appeared and they started to gang up on Jet Jaguar.  The battle was once again evened out when Godzilla arrived as he proved to be more than a match for both Gigan and Megalon.  Eventually, both Godzilla and Jet Jaguar managed to get the upper hand, sending Gigan into a full retreat, leaving Megalon outnumbered and to be the victim of one of the most epic moments in Showa Godzilla history:
Godzilla vs Megalon kick by killb94
Overwhelmed, Megalon ran away, tunneling home with Seatopia's ruler closing down all exit points.  Megalon has not been seen in another film since.

Megalon probably holds the record for the dumbest Kaiju in the entire Godzilla series, even rivaling Orga's low intelligence.  Megalon had no clear goal and had to be guided via a robot to where he needed to be and once his guide was gone, Megalon went insane.  He attacked anything within his line of sight, not to mention that he was barely able to hold his own against Jet Jaguar.  It wasn't until Gigan showed up that Megalon had a confidence boost.  In short, Megalon was sent to the surface to throw a temper tantrum.

As a 70's Kaiju, it's quite obvious that Megalon has some crazy abilities.  As yet another insect Kaiju, Megalon can fly and has immense strength as he is based off of the Rhinoceros Beetle, the worlds strongest creature.  Instead of hands, he possesses drills that allow him to borrow underground.  However it should be noted that in the movie, Megalon had to put his "hands" together, then spin them, but in the games, the drills spin individually.  The horn on his head can fire lightening and from his mouth, Megalon can fire napalm bombs.  This is how he was able to briefly keep Godzilla and Jet Jaguar at bay by creating a literal ring of fire.  In the games, Megalon can pull off some magnetic type moves and fire energy bolts from his drills.

Even though Megalon hasn't made a film appearance since 1973, he has been featured in the comics. More specifically, Rulers of Earth and Rage Across Time.  He never makes an actual appearance in Rulers of Earth but is featured in a flashback.  Hundreds of years ago, Megalon attacked Okinawa and battled King Caesar.  King Caesar and Megalon were evenly matched and neither would back down causing their battle to kill hundreds, if not, thousands of innocents, driving King Caesar into a rage but Megalon still did not back down.  Their battle came to an end when an alien ship crash landed, causing Megalon to fall into a pit and King Caesar to be buried alive.
Front Cover Godzilla Comic 10 by GiuseppeDiRosso

In Rage Across Time, Megalon appears alongside Gigan to assist the Mongols to completely annihilate Japan and its people from the face of the earth.  This forces an unlikely partnership between two rival clans to embark on a quest to free the monsters from the Kahns control and end the Mongols invasion of Japan.
Godzilla Rage Across Time #1 pg 2 by KaijuSamurai

Like so many one shot Kaiju, Megalon is up there as my most wanted Kaiju to be featured in another film.  And since Godzilla Monster Planet is the first of a trilogy, and a few one shot Kaiju are making a second appearance, I don't see why Megalon can't be one of them.  He's original, creative, has some killer abilities, his roar is memorable, Megalon is all around one cool bug.  Plus he did manage to do something before social media made it into a thing: He and Gigan invented the fist bump!
Megalon-and-gigan by InfraDalek

And one more thing to end this latest entry.  To everyone who watched Godzilla vs Megalon as a kid:
If-you-remember-tq16lq by InfraDalek
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Kong Skull Island appears to stop at no more then $575 million world wide with 70% coming from international sales. It have done better then Godzilla 2014 movie in gross sales. There is a definite future for monster verse movies and I'm hoping we get to see other Kajiu characters from Godzilla.
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You know. For a monster movie, that is not bad at all. And yes, the future of the MonsterVerse is looking bright. As for other Kaiju to appear, I want Gorosaurus, Titanosaurus and Manda although that probably won't happen.
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